Retroweaver: Use the language of the future, now.

Are you a Java developer who's excited about the new JDK 1.5 language features? Does your heart race when you think about generics and parametric polymorphism? Do extended for loops make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Do thoughts of autoboxing and static imports permeate your dreams?

Then let me welcome you to Retroweaver. Retroweaver is a bytecode weaver that enables you to take advantage of the new Java 1.5 language features, while still retaining total binary compatability with 1.4 virtual machines. Retroweaver operates by transforming Java class files compiled by a 1.5 compiler into version 1.4 class files which can then be run on any 1.4 virtual machine.

So, when your favorite vendor tells you that their application server won't be supporting JDK 1.5 just yet, or your customers won't have JDK 1.5 for years to come, or your manager refuses to begin development using a newer JDK, put Retroweaver to work for you.

Supported 1.5 Language Features

Retroweaver supports most 1.5 features while running on 1.4.

  • generics
  • extended for loops
  • static imports
  • autoboxing/unboxing
  • varargs
  • enumerations
  • annotations

Develop With 1.5 And Deploy With 1.4!

Transparent bytecode enhancement allows you to develop against 1.5 and seamlessly deploy on 1.4.